If you want a nostalgic trip back in time during your holidays then the steam railway from Sheringham to Holt is a must for you.  A genuine journey back in time to when coals were shovelled and holes were punched in tickets.  The 'choo' can be heard from the lodge but it is both educational for youngsters (the station and station masters at Weybourne are excellent) and is a must to see and smell up close.  If journeying to Holt in search of a libation at the end of your travels, bear in mind it is a mile and a half from Holt station to Holt town centre itself, although the walk past Gresham School (over 500 years old!) does make the stroll feel shorter. A train to Sheringham finds you at the top of the town.  Journey down to the sea front for and walk on the beach or an ice cream on those hotter days.  The penny drop machines always stick in memory of the kids and a pub or two is never far away.   A must for the 'real man' is the ironmongers Blyth and Wright where you can pick up a baseball bat torch, drill bits, raw plugs, and any number of never to be used tool box additions! Be sure to check the timetable (weblink below) as trains alternate between Steam and Diesel and the first/last train does vary  according to which timetable they are running to. http://www.nnrailway.co.uk IMG_1661DSC01938  

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