What an atmosphere..  Park opposite in the allocated car park and wander over to the Wiveton Bell, taking in the picturesque church and the peaceful surroundings.  We ventured out on a Saturday night and were not disappointed.  You could be excused from expecting the silent, de rigueur 'yerrr not from round here greeting' from many pubs in north Norfolk, however the Wiverton Bell is both vibrant and welcoming.  You don't feel like you have to whisper to you fellow lunchers/dinners and the staff are friendly, engaging and attentive.  The conservatory is very light and airy, with pleasant views of the beer garden. We enjoyed the haddock, fish 'n' chips and chicken caesar salad.  I am informed the caesar salad is a 'beaut' and very filling.   The treacle sponge pudding was devoured and the wine list caters for all palates. Not cheap but i've always said I would prefer to pay more and be sure of good food.  We all said we would be back.

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